The good and gentle men Nathan and Caldwell of Drawfee fame have started a new series, Drawga, a choose your own adventure type deal. And I couldn't be more excited, this combines 90% of everything I love. I colorized their creation, the noble onion knight, and added an RPGish UI to

Whelp, I'm not even going to apologize for the alarming infrequency of my posts anymore. I just found some of the former Penny Arcade Reality Show contestants' sites, namely Amy's, and it is quite dope. The crisp lines and beautiful colours made me want to train my photoshop inking skills,

A simple yet nifty rushjob, for the No Lights No Lycra event happening in Copenhagen the day after the commission. Client provided illustration and hand-lettering.

Jens Thrysøe, owner of the newly started Sundrop Tshirt-print shop, commissioned an identity and website for his shop. The process for this logo went swimmingly, a very concise brief and great base concept make the life of graphic designers so very easy and fun. No more than 3 sketches were needed

Tomorrow is the hallowed day I will be learning offset printing. These are the designs my sleep-deprived brain could come up with for said task. Four postcards. This probably speaks volumes about my psyche.

What can I say? When you need to get some labels done quickly yet awesomely, Gomedia and Blambot are my weapons of choice. Used for a personal Halloween project.

Few things are better than Gomedia and Blambot. So here's a poster combining their powers! The brilliant Cryptcreep font by that sexy beast, Nate Piekos of Blambot, and slimey swirls from the Guts & Slime Vector Pack by the excellent folks at Gomedia.

I'm learning to screenprint these days, and this oldschool metal design for fictitious band Chemical Clusterfuck is up tomorrow. The design will be printed in two colours . I'll be printing on black fabric, with a white base layer, to make the colours pop. Quick Tip: To separate your colours for screen printing,